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Virtual CFO Services and Cloud Computing

Virtual CFO Services and Cloud Computing

Did you ever want or need your own Chief Financial Officer for your business? Hillberg & Co., CPAs now offers a virtual CFO Service, with a host of services offered.

We will provide a monthly fee that covers the services you utilize. In addition, Hillberg & Co will host your company books in the cloud. The security is top notch and the convenience can't be beat. No more need to pass backups back and forth between you and your accountant. You have access to your books from anywhere as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection. You can even access your books using your iPad.

When you need to consult with your CPA, there is no need to bring in a backup.You and your CPA can access your books and discuss any questions you have. Call our office, 209.667.2406 for more information about Cloud Computing and your own Virtual CFO.

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